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With a strong international focus, boostU puts the marketing mix on steroids. We optimize content and campaigns so that they score in on every digital channel! SEO, SEA, CRO, SMA, ... what's in an acronym? We always work with the most up-to-date methods for maximum results!
Our experts guide you through a complete digital journey to the ideal marketing strategy. We deliver an effective marketing machine that's built to get the most out of your marketing budget through a well-defined strategy. We're continually optimizing to make sure that no potential lead gets left behind, we guarantee, you won't experience any awkward armageddon scenario's ☄️


Herentals - Antwerp East


  • We work with you, we are partners and work regularly at your company house. Where is the ☕?
  • We do much more than design and develop, we make it better, launch and boost!
  • Helicopter view is not necessary, we boost like a rocket so it is necessary that we continuously take you on our/your trip.
  • Proactively is our "middle name", thanks to our previous missions we anticipate failures / defects / hiccups much faster.
  • We build rockets that are flexible, useful and preferably slightly unconventional.